Success was born on International Women's Day March 05 2015

Two years ago this Sunday, Melissa launched her BeYourOwnSuccess collection to support women and girls in overcoming life's challenges as they strive towards their own definition of success. In its first year, BeYourOwnSuccess was gifted to Michelle Obama and her daughters by the Ireland's An Taoiseach. To celebrate its first anniversary, BeYourOwnSuccess was gifted to Oprah, and now as we celebrate this year's International Women's Day, Melissa has reached out to the Emma Watson to help mark the celebration and recognize Emma's inspiring work for gender equality.

In a letter submitted for Emma's IWD2015 Q&A Project, Melissa told of her personal struggles and her firm belief in the power of women to support each other on the road to success.

"What evolved out of my personal journey was the realization that with encouragement and support all women can over come their hurdles with greater success and further achieve.

I designed a precious amulet built in the form of a gold bar, worn as a symbol of strength and self-belief. It is a gift of encouragement to remind a woman to keep striving for her own growth and success."

She also spoke of her exciting plans to create a touchstone to support women across the globe through collaborations with organizations working for women's improvement like KISANY and the creation of a vibrant community of women supporting women in their journey towards success.

"I am now building a company around success, its mission is to motivate and support women and their communities helping them to gain economic independence. We are currently working with the Kisany Women’s Project in Africa, They have collaborated with me to develop a beautiful hand stitched linen pochettes which hold the gold success amulet."

The letter concluded with an invitation to Emma to join the movement and wear her own success.

"I would be immensely proud if you, Emma, would accept a gift of this amulet to Mark International Womans Day 2015 for your extraordinary Heforshe movement and your continuous commitment to inspiring and encouraging us to move forward."

Are you planning to watch Emma's conversation this Sunday? We're very excited to be celebrating not only this important occasion but also such an inspiring young woman!