I am really happy to finally announce the arrival of my WARRIOR collection.

It has been a two year process of rebuilding these powerful pieces.  Somehow I think it fits the mood more than ever and hope you do too. I was inspired by my personal journey and those who have inspired me on this path. 



Warrior was built by myself and a wonderful designer Anne Kernan, we had everything ready to launch back in 2019 but due to the loss of our manufacturers and pipeline we had to rebuild everything from scratch. We persevered and today I am relieved to say we made it .


We all know a WARRIOR, they come in many forms.  This collection is a tribute to them and to everyone who is moving through their own challenges. The collection is unisex. I wanted to capture the true spirit of the WARRIOR, and that forward moving positive energy they exude. The pieces are modern with subtle futuristic curves and edges to symbolize that incredible inner force and energy.


The WARRIOR Spirit is a gut feeling of courage and determination. These pieces are worn as positive reminders to strive through your everyday doubts and fears.

A true WARRIOR perseveres.

All pieces are made from sterling silver to last a lifetime.


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