Tanya Grimson looks at the global footprint of the virus and


"We had been designing innovative retail solutions for new markets and consumers. My Melissa Curry brand was on an extensive international launch emerging into travel retail and experiential cruise in Miami and Australia. We had been planning our launch for 18 months and were really excited about it. We had found the perfect partner and consumer fit for our colour loving brand and the conscious consumer. It all just suddenly stopped."

"I was devastated for my team; they had worked so hard. We were very exposed as our business model was focused and in travel retail and retail, so it was a double whammy for us. The most difficult part of the experience was having to say goodbye to some of my colleagues who returned to their homelands as their families were in difficulty so the shock and loss was extensive, financial, and emotional."

"Our pivot to digital has been a challenge but also given us a great opportunity to build our own relationship with our customers. Miami is on hold for the moment, time will tell."

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