Bubblicious Deco Collar


A touch of deco with lots of colour and splash, this little collar will enhance and decorate any neckline, bare or styled. The combination of texture and shape gives a modern but playful tone while the textured glass beads add contrast to the silver coated flowers. A more structured deco detail enhances the back of the neck. The silver clasp is decorated with Melissa's infinity tag and 'Love' in sparkles on a silver chain!

Flowers are approx 58mm in width, glass beads are covered in rubber velvet texture sizes 8mm-20mm, M's silver disc is 20mm width in a high polished finish.

Dare to wear this edgy fashion piece with the Bubblicious Deco Earrings to make a real style statement! Have fun and express your individuality by choosing the bead colour that excites you! Hot Pink, Rouge, Flourescent Green, or Yellow Mellow? You decide! 


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