Working together with Kisany Living Linens

Melissa Curry has collaborated with The KISANY Living Linens Project to create masterful handmade packaging for her Success jewellery. A limited edition of pockets, hand stitched and embroidered by the lovely ladies of KISANY. This collaboration embodies Melissa Curry’s mission to inspire and encourage women while showcasing the KISANY Living Linens Project.

KISANY has meticulously trained more than 100 vulnerable women as professional embroiderers, tailors and weavers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Kenya. All of these women are at risk, many have been victims of war, forced migration, starvation and sexual violence. KISANY provides training, work and stability, creates supportive artisan communities, and empowers women to take control of their lives.  This partnership is a true-life reflection of the message behind Curry's Success line - celebrating and supporting the women of KISANY, who have somehow held on to their aspiring future through overwhelming hardship to find their own success. 

Each Melissa Curry pocket is hand-made and embroidered by an expert seamstress taking approximately 4 hours each. Libeco Belgian linen, renowned for its quality, is used to make the pockets. We at Melissa Curry Success are so honoured to support KISANY in its mission to provide skills, training, work and financial independence.  The wearer’s intent enhances the positive wave of women’s success to rise worldwide.

Designed as a gift for a woman who you want to inspire, encourage, or celebrate, the Success jewellery collection is an emotive call-to-action. Success is whatever you decide it means to you – graduation, wedding, medical moments or one’s career. Success is a tangible and positive reminder quietly cheering the wearer forward towards her own personal goals.



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"I LOVE my bracelet. 

Success to me means freedom. Freedom to pursue whatever choices I want. Freedom to be me. Freedom to design a life of my choosing. Success means being brave, overcoming fear and going after what I really desire. 

And the bracelet reminds me you're always in my corner gunning for me. 

Xxxxx love you."

-A daughter who received Success from her mother during a career change.


"Thank you for your creations that enliven my feelings with the women I love.

Great success in 2015,


-A father who shared Success with his daughter


"My sisters and I, this Christmas, decided that instead of buying each other presents that we would “gift” each other the Success bracelet….and we did.

Instead of just handing each other the gift boxes we stood in a circle and put the bracelet on each others wrists, one of us attaching it to the arm of the other, keeping contact all the time – we said out loud what our intentions for ourselves were at that moment in our lives.

Throughout out our lives, each of us at various times has had our own struggles. In the midst of it all we have been blessed by the presence and support of each other since our childhood – so it was a gorgeous and appropriate time in our lives to have this little “ritual”. The gift of the bracelet really anchored the process for each of us on that day. Since then, the number of times a day I end up looking at my wrist constantly reminds me of that intention and day by day I really do feel this persistent reminder on my wrist is working its magic! My sisters report the same."

-A sister who shared her Success with her sisters