Q&A with Melissa Curry from The Local Enterprise Office. Click here to read the whole interview. 









   One of our Summer 15 favourites, Mademoiselle rouge, enjoying a splash out in the Atlantic air + breeze

   Acrylic flowers shaped into a light and easy to wear collar, enhanced with hot pink tactile roses all tied in a 

                 silky ribbed ribbon, giving you an adaptable length, and versatility wherever you go.

                                                              Mademoiselle rouge to enhance and thrill


Melissa Currywas selected as one of the #50 designers to BUY NOW, in todays Business Post, 
celebrating #Design2015. Thank you @RuthOConnor who choose our fabulous Fever Collar
  2. Ruby Warrington meets Melissa Curry and talks about 
  3. success and her new Blog-Lifestyle
  4. website 
  5. The Numinous: Fashion, Culture and Modern Cosmic ...
  8. Three Tone Pearl Long Flapper Neckpiece
  9. This versatile Flapper Neckpiece is made with 8mm coloured pearls with one of Melissa's eye-catching signature toggles, this dazzling feature can be worn close to the neck or simply wrapped around as many times you like to create your own layers, long or short. The clasp is in sterling silver with a catch chain and Melissa's signature disc. 
  11.  #Ohlala
  12. Ohlala pieces are made from light and transparent acrylic cones approx 52mm in length linked with faceted black crystal beads to add a touch of sparkle.
  14. Black and White Coco (A tribute to 100 years of Chanel)
  15. Coco 13 combines an elegant silhouette with a modern line and playful textures. Each piece is individually made with 8 mm fresh water pearls and rubberized acrylic black sculpted flowers. Melissa’s sterling silver components feature on each of her unique jewellery pieces and her signature sterling disc symbolizes infinity.



Cruise Bon-Bon A/W SS13

This collection was inspired by lemon bonbon. This Bonbon collection is deliciously tactile and has been built up with large sculptural clusters, exerting a sense of playful elegance while engaging the senses. All beads are made from rubberized glass in hot pink, yellow, gris and black.

Melissa Curry and Marianne Gorman would like to thank you all for coming to their annual event and fundraiser for Focus Ireland.


We raised over 4000 euros for Focus thanks to your generous donations and tickets for the #Ohlala bespoke jewellery piece and other gifts.



#Ohlala was won by a wonderful lady who was thrilled and her spirits lifted, with her win.


We are very grateful for all your support and encouragement, and wish you all a very...


Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a terrific New Year 14.
Success Campaign lands on the High Street : Launched Exclusively at Arnotts Department Store Dublin Henry Street ...Wear your Success!
Success and Melissa Curry on the Irish Examiner Weekend 31st of August 13
"She designs stories into her pieces often based around her own life experiences. [..]Curry's sculptural jewellery became the spearhead for London Liberty millennium campaign. [..] The entire Success collection will be showcased at the Arthur Cox fashion show, along with four Melissa Curry collections: Coco, Bon-Bon, Ice and Nikita."
Melissa Curry featured in the Irish Times today, 15th of August 13.
"New Irish Brands and Designers to Arnotts this season include Orla Kiely fashion, accessories and homewares, Melissa Curry jewellery, Chupi jewellery, Fawn fine art prints, Little Hill wooden chopping boards and Roisin Linnane fashion."
Melissa is launching her Melissa Curry A/W collections in Arnotts on the 1st of September 13 and the Amulet Success on the 20th of September 13.
An inspiring day for "Success", endorsed by An Taoiseach and his wife Finnoula Kenny gifted to the First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Malia and Sasha, during their visit to Dublin in June 13.
Melissa Curry will launch at the Gibson Hall on the 12th of September at the Irish showcase with Arthur Cox along with Pauric Sweeney, Helen Steele, Lennon Courtney.
Melissa will showcase her full range of A/W collections: Elegant Black and White Coco13, delicious Bon-Bons, innovative Ice and the sensational Ohlala.
The fab Eve for the Loreal Colour Trophy!
Accessories by MC Sput-Niks 13
Success is a beautiful and powerful gift of encouragement from a mother or father to a daughter, from a husband to his wife, from a friend to another or indeed to anyone who needs some encouragement or support. It will always remind them that there is someone who believes in them at whatever they are doing or trying to achieve, “Success” is with them.
Ohlala Melissa Currys cruise13 collection
 is launching at
FRED SEGAL today, June 27th with the amazing Bettina Duncan and Cathy OConnor.

The Fluttering of butterfly wings 
In Chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, in which a small change at one place in a deterministic non linear system can result in large differences in a later state.
Melissa Curry and Ciara From Cold lilies at DAIS III
DAIS III Launches at The Westin Dublin, In Association Moët & Chandon
The DAIS Project is a trilogy of films created by Irish stylist Sonya Lennon and Swiss/Irish film-maker Christian Ammann. The third part of the trilogy, DAIS III will launch on Thursday, 20th June 2013, in association with the world’s leading champagne house Moët & Chandon at an exclusive screening in the Banking Hall at The Westin Dublin. Truly one of Dublin’s most spectacular venues, the Banking Hall at The Westin Dublin is as beautiful today as it was in 1863, making it the perfect location for the screening of DAIS III.
Interview with Melissa Curry at London Jewellery week with Coldlilies:

Ever wondered how successful jewellery designers get to where they are? We’re fascinated by our designers’ creative processes, so we invited one of our extremely talented designers Melissa Curry, into Coldlilies HQ for a chat about her inspiration behind her new AW13 Collection!

Hi Melissa! Tell us, what was the inspiration behind the new collection/pieces?
I have been inspired by my memories and life in Paris, the beauty, chic and all her refineries. After a very playful and sensational ohlala SS13 inspired by the exotic bowerbird, which celebrated joy and flight, the AW is a celebration of femininity and je ne sais quoi…
Coco 13:
Pearls: “A woman’s true value counts most when she shines of beauty and grace.” — Gabrielle “Coco”.
Coco 13 was launched earlier this year in Dallas, a collection celebrating 100 years of Coco, the icon of Noir, Blanc and pearls. Coco 13 reminisces the beauty and freshness of the 1920 époque. Coco helped revolutionize and reform style, as we know it today. I have integrated the essence of Mille Coco, by enhancing her love of symmetry and noir et blanc. The absolute femininity and luster from the 8mm water pearls, adds wonderful contrast to the more modern and tactile floral elements, and slinky chain. Each unique piece has been finished with my signature sterling components, giving structure and sophistication to this ultra feminine and playful collection.
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Bon-Bon13 :
Bonbons (cruise 13) a concept built from the lemon bon bons and my memory connected to my collection with Bon@PhilipeStarck Paris. Bon meaning good was a sweet that was first made at the French Royal court during the 17th Century. The MC Bonbon is deliciously tactile and has been built in large sculptural clusters, which make a statement, while exerting a sense of playful elegance while engaging the senses. All beads are made from rubberized glass in gentle yellow, rouge and black: yellow symbolizes confidence, black = mystery, rouge = empower.. …
Lola :
I spent sometime collaborating with Garvan de Bruir on a film project some time ago. This piece of work evolved from our time together and has become my talisman carrying the essence and force of my heritage largely inspired by the famous Torc. Made with saddler’s leather and stitching, hand finished sterling caps, which embrace the 4 cardinal points. The Celtic torc and the roots of Melissa’s heritage inspired Lola.
What is the process you go through when developing a collection?
I studied Visual Communication in Paris, which helped shape my ethos and love of narrative. When designing and developing my collections my stories are often inspired by intriguing characters animal or other (i.e. the Bowerbird), enhancing each piece with a personality or purpose. I respond to world events, be it political or cultural, film or simply a humanitarian cause.  Jewellery is intuitive, which stimulates my passion from which evolves the forever changing form, colour and playful beauty. The process is akin to sculpture, whether I am composing a project or designing my boutique jewellery collections. I love colour and its impact on our psyche, now that I am rooted in Dublin; colour has been a major component, a reaction almost to the environment, which evokes a playful and timeless elegance.
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What has been the highlight of your career to date?
I guess the biggest surprise and highlight looking back must have been the shock of seeing my work spearheading Liberty’s Millennium campaign in London Tokyo etc weeks after my debut at Paris fashion week, I also enjoyed designing a collection for a dear friend of the Duchess of Cambridge for the Royal Wedding. Every opportunity to design a unique story brings a sense of renewal and excitement. Casting Natalia Vodianova for a clients campaign I was directing at the time in Paris. She had just arrived to her agency Viva, 16 years old an extraordinary beauty and feminine force. I loved collaborating with Sonya Lennon on the Film and am looking forward to seeing no 3 launching soon. I was very touched to receive a letter of recognition for my “hope and endurance’ collection from Michelle Obama.
Who inspires you in the world of fashion and design?
To be honest anyone who survives the business of fashion is inspirational, its tough exciting but can be incredibly relentless and cut throat. I love different people for different things, people inspire me to create, I do have a love for Marni, Dries Van Noten, Lanvin…I love the freshness of Simone Rocha and the mindfulness of LennonCourtney, there are so many talented visionaries.
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What does the future hold for Melissa Curry?
It’s a busy time as I have just launched a motivational jewellery collection called Success. I am at present scouting Dublin to find a new base to set up my studio and experiential showroom, from where I can propel my brand and develop new products and life accessories. I will be returning to London and New York later this year with my more conceptual design work along side Helen Steele, Pauric Sweeney etc. I would hope to work more with film in the future and collaborate with new ventures and designers
Huge thanks to the wonderful Melissa for taking the time out of her busy schedule to call in and chat to us, we always love to spend time with our designers and getting to know more about them! xx
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London Jewellery Week Diary – Part 1!
It’s Jewellery Week and we have so may exciting things happening, we’ve decided to keep a diary of all our activities! Keep checking back so you can keep up to date with our London trip! There’s lots more on Instagram and Twitter too!
On Thursday we left Dublin and flew to Gatwick. Flights are never much fun, but we kept ourselves amused by catching up with some great fashion magazines. We even spotted one of our lovely designers, Natasha Sherling in The Gloss. She was kind enough to mention  Coldlilies too! Thanks Natasha!
- See more at:
What a fun morning! We can’t think of a better way to start our London trip than meeting our designers at One Aldwych and viewing their amazing new collections and pieces! Then we got to work curating the space at One Aldwych for our launch on Tuesday with help from the wonderful Tani Burns! P.S. We love your instagram name Tani (@Tboneidol)!
Next , we made a  quick dash to Bethnal Green to pick up some supplies…stopping in to our amazing designers, Tatty Devine on the way. Lots of fun!
Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day and we paid a visit to Cockpit Arts to see jewellery designer Ros Millar. We also spent a lot of time swooning over lots of other fabulous non-jewellery designers, we love design! Of course, we also spotted some exciting new talent for!
So much excitement and lots more to come! We’ll be regularly updating our Jewellery Week Diary, so check back to see what fun things we’re up to! Keep an eye on Instagram and Twitter for more fun updates! Coldlilies xx
London Jewellery Week Diary – Part 2!
Looking back now, Monday was a blur of a day prepping for the press day on Tuesday! We were running around London getting everything ready while of course keeping an eye on orders coming in and replying to everyone on Twitter and Instagram!
All our preparation and hard work paid off, just look at this banquet of jewels! What do you think of our choice of flower, quite appropriate we thought! 
What a super fun and super exhausting day! We met so many amazing and inspiring people. After thanking all the press for coming we celebrate the day with well-earned champagne cocktails at the hotel and head straight to bed!
We get up early to visit the jewellery show at Somerset house. We spend the morning hanging out with some of our new U.K. designers Kat of Kat&BeeSonal Talgeri BhaskaranAnna Byers. Just look at the jewels Sonal gave us for the day! 
We spotted some great design talent at the shows!
We relax after another long day at the Propstore Bar at the National Theatre on South Bank, where we also spot some gorgeous sand art…it’s days like today, with some much to see, that we miss living in London! 
So much excitement and lots more to come! We’ll be regularly updating our Jewellery Week Diary, so check back to see what fun things we’re up to! Keep an eye on Instagram and Twitter for more fun updates! Coldlilies xx. 
Irish Jewellery designer Melissa Curry has stolen our hearts and those of the fashion world with her uniquely colourful and edgy designs. With a modern finish and feel Melissa's Spring Summer 2013 demonstrates her wonderful ability to combine old school glamour with a thoroughly contemporary twist.
Melissa's 'Bubblicious' collection for Spring Summer, is art deco inspired, with an interesting and fun array of colours, angles and curves. Clever combinations of texture and shape create a modern but playful tone, with textured glass beading, silver coated flowers and customers individual choice of bead colour. The colour scape for the collection includes hot pinks, rouge, flourescent greens and yellows. Wearing Melissa Curry 'Bubbilicious' is akin to instant transportation into a world of fun, the glamorous frivolity of the 1920's and a promise of future parties.
Melissa's Spring Summer Oh La La range similarly adds a wonderful spectrum of rainbow colour to her now infamous collection. Statement necklaces and bracelets, with block coloured acrylic cones, create pieces that ensure any discerning fashion follower  will stand out from the crowd. Speaking of her jewellery, Melissa says "I create mobile environments, that a woman can put on, to evoke a sense of playful elegance that she carries with her."
Based in Dublin, Melissa is one of Ireland's most celebrated designers. Her jewellery is available to buy through and in The Design Centre, Powerscourt, Dublin 2.
Renowned designer Melissa Curry,  was inspired by the ethos of Dress for Success and compelled by her own personal journey to create the amulet ‘success’.
Engraved with “Success” on the front and a blank slate on the back, this tiny emblem should be worn as a gentle reminder to be our own best self
at whatever we are doing or trying to achieve. An inspiring and thoughtful gift designed by Melissa Curry for a woman about to begin a new challenge – whether she is starting a new job, changing careers, expecting a baby, leaving school, or getting married.
Each piece from the Success collection comes with an inspirational tag and a small and personalised pouch that will give the recipient some background to the idea for these limited editions. Success has been designed as a positive affirmation and beautiful gift of encouragement to a friend, daughter, neighbour, cousin or indeed a person who will welcome your encouragement and support.