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Over a 1650 women have given or received BeYourOwnSuccess since its launch. From Michelle Obama to Saoirse Ronan and Imelda May, Success is connecting women around the world to an empowering message: Believe, Celebrate + Inspire.

 Success celebrates You!  


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Ambassador Anne Anderson receives BeYourOwnSuccess in Washington. The piece was presented in a special edition pouch made by KISANY Living Linens who help vulnerable women in Africa to make their own success through skills training and community support. The Ambassador is passionate about furthering the cause of women through her work in Development, Human Rights, and Gender Equality Issues, and through supporting projects like KISANY and BeYourOwnSuccess as they help the positive wave of women's success to rise worldwide.


"Thank you SO much for this. It’s honestly the most beautiful piece of jewellery ever.” - Angela Scanlon


“A brilliant gift for my super girlfriends" - Sarah Bailey, Editor of Red Magazine


“We really appreciate everything! We are looking forward to working with you in the new year – you have such an amazing story! I would love to get you involved with our Women’s Leadership conferences/activities that we do throughout the year! we LOVE your work here at Facebook :)” - Rachel Thomas, PA to Sonja Flynn at Facebook


"I love the meaning of the success piece, I have gifted them to colleagues and friends, to graduate nurses and to children” - Emma Kelly, Director of Elevate PR


"Success is that joyful collision of vision, action and inspiration. With a busy life, I welcome anything that grounds me and that's what my Success bracelet does. It's a talisman. Knowing that it was created with such goodwill means everything." - Cathy O'Connor


"It is the only piece of jewellery I wear, my bar of strength and believe, my own personal reminder to keep believing in my endeavors." - Sonya Lennon


“I absolutely love my amulet, have worn it ever since and have had so many people comment on it too – I’ve been spreading the story, it’s a wonderful story” - Gregory Shannon of Hearst Publications UK


"The success amulet is beautiful, I am wearing it as I write , it is a part of me now." - Lisa Jewel, Author


“Success is self reliance, its about not depending on any one else but you and your own happiness” - Lorna Coleman, Microfinance Ireland


I love the success amulet and all the story and message” - Jose Gervasio Perez Gonzalez


“Success is also feminine “ Celia Gruss, Paris, Singer/Songwriter


".....a very important thing and as a mother, sister and wife, sometimes we can loose sight of our own goals. I was gifted this little (Amulette/piece) whilst I was recovering from treatment of breast cancer. Surviving an illness like cancer can help you get great focus on things you want from life. I found that by wearing it, i allowed it become a tool for focus on my own goals. My "Good health goal" meant it reminded me to eat healthy and exercise for me. My "build a business goal" meant it reminded me to stay focused on that. My "happy kids and husband goal" meant it reminded me to be kind and calm on that path.   All the above is great but most of all , it helped me realise that someone special gave me encouragement to follow my own goals and that was priceless!" - Georgina Flood , Post Cancer woman and mother of two cute little sprogs!


"I was gifted success before I set out to start my IVF treatment. It was a very challenging time for myself and my husband. I wore two bracelets, they were my reminder to keep strong and to believe in my intentions. Baby James was born on the 7 November 2014. We are blessed." - Cliona Axford


“this is wonderful story and celebrates women all over the world - make sure you get yourself one its helps us gals every day and tells our true story." - Sinead Fitzpatrick, New York, Designer/Entrenpreneur


"My niece was doing hard exams before Christmas and she's very bright and putting a lot of pressure on herself.And I thought your bracelet on her wrist would be a reminder to her that no matter what she does she's a success through her next year of University and through everything she does in life!" - Helena Grattan 


"I was gifted success from a dear female friend. Her message to me  was clear - be strong, value your worth and understand your 'Success'." - Donna Lambert, Director of Lamb to Slaughter PR


"I LOVE my bracelet. Success to me means freedom. Freedom to pursue whatever choices I want. Freedom to be me. Freedom to design a life of my choosing. Success means being brave, overcoming fear and going after what I really desire. And the bracelet reminds me you're always in my corner gunning for me. Xxxxx love you." - Daughter Recipient of BeYourOwnSuccess


“I think for me success means being brave enough to go after what you want despite the opinions of others, I think believing in yourself is essential, if you fully believe you can do something you will. The law of attraction takes care of that” - Eve, Model & Actress


"Thank you for your creations that enliven my feelings with the women I love. Great success in 2015" - Jack


"This is my golden thread that sits on my pulse and reminds me that success is a journey and not a destination. When it glints it gently whispers ‘ keep going’. Gifted with love and admiration, with encouragement and recognition it is more than jewellery. It is a bond with all other golden thread wearers, who share inspiration on their journey." Deirdre Conroy


"Love the idea behind this, lovely gift to encourage or congradulate a girl friend or to remind yourself to keep striving for your best." - Pippa Desmond @pipsy_pie


"My sisters and I, this Christmas, decided that instead of buying each other presents that we would “gift” each other the Success bracelet….and we did.


Instead of just handing each other the gift boxes we stood in a circle and put the bracelet on each others wrists, one of us attaching it to the arm of the other, keeping contact all the time – we said out loud what our intentions for ourselves were at that moment in our lives.

Throughout out our lives, each of us at various times has had our own struggles. In the midst of it all we have been blessed by the presence and support of each other since our childhood – so it was a gorgeous and appropriate time in our lives to have this little “ritual”. The gift of the bracelet really anchored the process for each of us on that day. Since then, the number of times a day I end up looking at my wrist constantly reminds me of that intention and day by day I really do feel this persistent reminder on my wrist is working its magic! My sisters report the same." - Melissa


"My friend Karen is a human Rights Lawyer and I learnt from the her the importance of speaking the truth, in life and in art. This is what informs my work in the studio - to remain truthful to myself and the people  I represent in my work. Physically the silver bar sits next to my throat chakra which is the location for communication, self expression and  freedom to speak the truth. It reflects what I strive for in and out of the studio." -Michelle Boyle


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