The Success Story

We are at a turning point. From Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In phenomenon to books like Arianna Huffington’s Thrive, now more than ever women are questioning what it means to succeed.

Melissa Curry knows it means to re-evaluate success. From her exciting rise into fashion in Paris in the early 90s through a massive change in circumstances that lead to her return to Ireland and a complete change of focus. Through it all she has strived to stay true to herself, but she has also learned the importance of success in a very real economic sense.

Financial independence may not be everyone’s idea of success, but it is a critical precursor to any real effort to reach personal fulfillment. For women who lack the economic power to meet the basic needs of food and shelter, financial dependence becomes a trap which stifles their potential for growth.

The Success amulet is modeled after gold and silver bullion, a bar of wealth and strength that reminds the wearer to care for herself and strive for her own independence and success. It is your own metric of strength and courage: Success in life is whatever you choose it to be, a goal, a dream, an endeavour or pure joy. The amulet acts as a positive affirmation, a cue to stay focused and believe in your ideas of success as a woman. 

Like little wishes or positive affirmations, the pieces can be gifted from one woman to another, marking the special moments in life—encouraging and celebrating the women that inspire you. We all need encouragement and support. It makes our dreams and achievements all the more credible and the outcome more successful. 

Melissa’s inspiration for the design is rooted in her personal experience overcoming life’s hurdles and working hard to achieve her dreams. Her compelling story and her desire to motivate other women and girls is embodied in the amulet Success.

"It’s about being you, knowing what makes you tick, what makes your heart work, what makes your mind work, and embodying that.” -Melissa Curry

The first three Success bracelets were presented to one of Melissa’s own greatest inspirations: the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Michelle Obama’s strength and commitment to women’s success around the world, makes her a living inspiration for Success. Since then, Melissa's story has reached other inspiring leaders. At the Festival of Ideas Melissa met Arianna Huffington, who was delighted to receive a Success bracelet directly from the designer.

"thank you so much for the beautiful success amulet and your beautiful letter" - Arianna Huffington

Since that original gift, over 1000 Success pieces have been gifted to girls and women around the world gently connecting them to the beautiful and subtle message of Success that Melissa has forged from the heart.

The elegant collection comprises bracelets and necklaces in sterling silver or rose gold. Each Success piece comes in a small pouch accompanied by a Melissa Curry infinity tag, on which to inscribe a intention, goal, or dream. Melissa has also partnered with the Kisany Project to create a limited collection of pieces presented in handwoven, hand-embroidered linen pouches made by the women of the Kisany Project

Success celebrates you and women worldwide! 


For more information on the Kisany Project please visit their website here, or watch their documentary here.