Torc - Wrist (Sterling Silver w/ Diamonds)



Inspired by the noble females of Celtic times, our Torc bracelet was designed with care to remind you of your inner warrior. The Torc was said to encourage triumph of spirit and the symbolism of the Torc is weighted with power. 

This captivating Celtic-inspired bracelet is feminine yet strong. The embedded diamonds illuminate and remind you of your inner sparkle, while the bracelet's stoic shape represents Balance. 

This timeless piece is a motivator of strength. Like its namesake, it will provide you with a lifetime of strength and bravery. 

Réveillez la battante qui est en vous. 

Libera a la luchadora que hay en ti.


Material: Sterling Silver with an anti-tarnish layer

Band: 2.2mm in width, embedded with two 1mm diamonds at either end

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