As BYOS is a brand based on human values to encourage, support and motivate you, we want to educate you on many ways to better your life and make significant changes to improve your wellbeing!

Our jewellery brand is more than fine jewellery (although, you have to admit- the delicacy of each piece is quite stunning), we want you to have an emotional connection with each piece you wear, to have a significant meaning in your life. This emotional connection can come through sport.

The physical benefits of sport are countless, while the mental benefits are often left in the shadow, overlooked by the bodily performance of each sport. Today we’re going to bring to light the welfare of sport on your mental health. Why are we writing this blog post? To educate you and understand that for every reason to play sport, there is a small bar of strength to guide you while on your personal journey with your deeper self. Below are a few empowering and uplifting reasons as to how sport helps our health.

  • It boost’s your self esteem

Your self- esteem is how much value you have for yourself and for others. Often left on the side line, too many people have low self esteem, meaning they don’t give enough credit to themselves and have little to no confidence in their ability and as a person. How does sport play a role in this category? It makes you feel worthy. It may be a team sport, it may be a one (wo)man sport but your presence is valued and accounted for. Knowing that other people depend on you to add to the team  is emotionally rewarding as you feel a sense of belonging and a boost in confidence knowing that others believe in you!

  • It stimulates motivation

At one point in your life, you’ve felt low and unmotivated to do anything productive, we’ve all been there. The good news is that sport can get this discouraged feeling out of your head by knowing you’re wanted by others or even better, knowing that you have a goal to achieve and nothing is going to stop you. As soon as the seed is planted in your head that you want to achieve a goal- it may be to make the team or it may be to win that gold medal- you’ll have the motivation to make that personal goal happen if you put your mind to it and focus on the task. Sometimes you fall, but it’s getting back up and continuing to fulfil your personal goal that really helps your wellbeing as you don’t subject to failure- your drive keeps you going (did you know Michael Jordan was cut off from his high school basketball team?) Stimulating that motivation in sport can enhance other areas in your life by not giving up when you are shut down. If you are motivated enough you will get that job you want, if you are motivated enough to buy your dream house you will get there. Belief and dedication to your goal can lead to many achievements with the powerful energy of motivation.

  • You become disciplined

In all sport, you must learn the rules and adhere to each and every one of them to play fair. This also adapts to your personal life. There are many forms of discipline, some are to restrict yourself from foods while some are tougher, entailing you to challenge your ability and dedication to a sport. Either way, it is a great life lesson to know right from wrong and doing what you know in your gut to be right from the discipline you’ve learned a long the way. Having discipline in a sport means you are head strong in life also- you are able to reject tempting offers as you are disciplined enough to stay focused.

  • You are challenging yourself

Challenging the brain in sport means you have the capability to challenge yourself in life. As we have mentioned sport requires discipline and motivation and these are all sub categories of challenge. If it were easy, we would all be doing it. Those who succeed are those who have overcome challenges and have found rewards. No athlete won gold medals as if it were a walk in the park, they were disciplined, motivated and had strong beliefs. But what enticed them to start that journey? Challenge. Challenge is stepping outside of that comfort zone, it is pursued by having belief and a high self esteem that you can do it. It’s adding that extra weight on your barbell and completing a full set when you didn’t think you possibly could. There is always an outcome with challenge as there is in life- sometimes things don’t go your way and that can happen when you step out of your comfort zone but it is continuing to challenge yourself until you get that outcome you are looking for, in sport and in life.

  • You have a positive mindset and outlook in life!

Seeing results in sports allows you to live a happier life because you have a positive and fresh way of seeing other aspects in your daily life. The mental benefits of sport are not restricted to that one area of your life, subconsciously you will notice how having that high self esteem in sport will drive you to make positive decisions in life with the help of your confidence. Having the motivation in sport to go all the way will help you to have the motivation to succeed in getting your dream job- if you work as hard as you do in a sport you can work just as hard for a job. Learning to discipline yourself the same way you do in a sport will allow you to make rational decisions that will benefit you later, even if you really do want to do something- saying no to yourself is much harder than saying no to others. While you will always face challenges in life, you are accustomed to them through sport, making it not easier, but bearable to handle when they turn up like an unpredicted shower on a summer’s day.

While you go through these mental stages of playing a sport, know that your Success bracelet, a bar of strength, will encourage you to believe that you have the confidence, the discipline, the motivation and the will power to overcome any challenge that you face.


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