Pop Your Color

We’ve all heard it before in our high school English classes. Color evokes meaning. Not only does it help to bridge the gaps in stories but it and sets the tone for the reader throughout their adventure. But why is that? Why do colors provoke us to think and feel a certain way?

Our color preferences are often an extension of our personalities and how we would like to be perceived by society. From the color of our clothes to which car color we prefer, these unconscious choices that we make are subtle hints that we share with the outside world. Each color preference we have often tells us traits that we are aware of and those that we suppress.

The color blue is a perfect example of this. Blue, which is the most popular color among both men and women, is a symbol of harmony, reliability, and sensitivity. Since these characteristics are things that we feel, we are more aware of their presence in our lives. One thing you might not know is that another trait that is often associated with the color blue is keeping a tidy home. Due to the calming properties, those who favor this color honor a sense of balance and tranquility in their lives. Now with all things that have a larger pool of people, some characteristics might not line up with everybody. For myself, I love the color blue, however, I’m probably one of the messiest and most disorganized people I know. Although I might not directly associate myself with each and every trait, it gives a simple explanation as to why some may and where we might relate to them.

A little game that you can play at home is seeing if your personality lines up with the color car you have. These unconscious preferences that we choose ultimately help us to better understand ourselves and gives us a better insight as to what positive qualities we show to the world.



White: Feeling fresh clean. Often a color associated with purity, youth, and modernity.

Black: Many associate this color with power. The most popular color for luxury vehicles. Also often described as sexy, mysterious, and even ominous.

Silver: The third most popular color for vehicles. Linked to innovation and modernity due to most high tech products being silver. Words often associated would be new, modern, and cutting-edge.

Red: A bold, attention-grabbing color. Often want to project an image of power, action, and confidence.

Blue: Popular cars associated with the color are often SUVs. Want to show that you are dependable, trustworthy, stable, and safe.

Yellow: People who drive yellow cars are overall very happy. Also maybe be a bit more willing than the average person to take risks.

Gray: People who drive gray cars would rather blend in than stand out. They value being subtle.

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