Colour Meaning

Color affects us in ways we don’t even realize.  Behind each shade is a story.  A little reminder to give you the boost you need in your day to day life.  Choose the color that you need most to support you in your unique life journey. 



Pink: Hope


Pink symbolizes Hope. In times of hardship, you can feel trapped by life’s hardest tests. Getting through all the different and difficult paths isn't easy. Sometimes we need a little help. Remember that you don’t have to face the hardships alone. Keep your Hope alive.  


Red: Strength 


Red is the color of Strength. Being human means to having weaknesses, it is in our nature to make mistakes. Every mistake we make is an experience. It is not what we do wrong that matters, it is getting back up after you get knocked down that counts. It takes Strength try again and again until you get it right. 


Orange: Energy


Orange helps you feel more Energetic. Sometimes life leaves you feeling drained. Our busy lives can leave us feeling sluggish and slow. Combat these feelings with self-care. Remind yourself how important you are.  With a little more positivity and a change in mindset, you can redefine your Energy.


Yellow: Confidence 


Yellow is the color of Confidence. Managing yourself can be hard, especially when experiencing self-doubt. Surround yourself with uplifting words, actions, and people to help build your Confidence.


Green: Balance


Green represents Balance. There are some days when we feel a huge weight on our shoulders. The burden you feel through the heaviness gets overwhelming. Living a Balanced lifestyle will help you live you be the best version you can be.


Blue: Focus


Blue helps you stay Focused. Many of us have trouble staying on task. There are so many distractions in the world we live in today, it can be hard to complete even the simple responsibilities we must get done.  To keep our concentration on the task at hand, we'll have to Focus on one thing at at time.


Purple: Bravery 


Purple is the color of Bravery. All of us have experienced anxiety in one form or another. Some of us are more anxious than others, causing a rush of adrenaline that can leave you feeling like your heart is about to burst.  Sometimes for no reason at all. Life will give you tasks where you have to be Brave. 

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