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  • Showcase 2022: What makes PÓG different?

    PÓG is conscious. We are inclusive, low-waste and believe in more meaningful consumerism. At Showcase 2022, we wanted to do things differently, the PÓG way.  Here are a few sneak previews of how we are exploring the boundaries: X No balloons - they are bad for the environment and can harm our fu... View Post
  • Melissa Invites You to Showcase 2022!

    Join me at the RDS in Dublin from 27th Feb - 2nd March where I will be attending Showcase: Ireland’s Creative Expo, hosting a world of Irish visionary brands and makers!  Introducing Shine by PÓG - the brand new man-made stone collection making its debut at Showcase 2022. I can’t reveal too much... View Post
  • 6 Things You Didn't Know About Valentine's Day!

    Valentine’s Day is not just roses and chocolates: here are 6 unique facts you didn’t know about the annual celebration! 1. The first Valentine was sent in 1415 The oldest known Valentine was sent in 1415 from a medieval French duke called Charles to his wife. At the young age of 21, Charles wrot... View Post