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  • Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!

    Happy Inspire Your Heart With Art Day! Lift your spirits and get involved through reconnecting with your creative side and celebrating your inner artist!  “But I can’t draw!”  Yes, you can! Everyone is an artist, you just might not realise it yet. Often, as we approach adulthood, we move away fro... View Post

    WARRIOR Spiral Rings are back in stock! The spiral is the oldest symbol in the world, representing perseverance through the union of the outer and inner self. Designed with curves, the beautiful edge and shape of the ring will keep you moving forward with strength.    Spiral Warrior Ring  WAR... View Post
  • Journey to the Ivory Coast

    This post is a special tribute to family and friends in the Ivory Coast. After 18 years, my son Kito and I made a special trip to revisit the family we hold so dearly in our hearts, healing the past and building connections to start the new year with laughter and love.    The Ivory Coast is a bea... View Post