GINKGO Collection

GINKGO Collection

Ginkgo is my latest collection,  largely inspired by one of the world’s oldest species of tree - the GINKGO BILOBA. 

The Ginkgo tree is known for its medicinal properties, but also its deep-rooted resilience, and angular crown which grows as it matures. The leaves are not only beautiful in their form and structure, but they are also celebrated symbols of peace, hope and vitality.

Tradition has it that if you catch a ginkgo leaf as it floats to earth, you will have good luck.

This GINKGO collection is elegant, balancing sculptural forms into beautiful playful wearables that are light, magnificent, mood enhancing accessories. Each piece is handmade, limited editions that are mindfully crafted at my studio in Dublin.

The pieces are composed of miniature textured GINKO leaves in poignant block colours, woven together with glass and floral shell pearls, with some playful neon pops, which add a splash of playfulness.