#MyPógMyWay in March X

Throughout the Month of March we celebrated our gorgeous green Pógs as part of our #MyPógMyWay campaign. This campaign is all about the mix and match element of Póg and how you can incorporate it into your own personal style. 

The colour green represents nature, regrowth, and Irishness which made it the perfect colour for the beginning of Spring and celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Green is a rich colour with a deep connection to Ireland and we were able to showcase that beautifully with the help of two wonderful content creators: Reece Creed and Venus Patel! 

Reece is an incredible Limerick based content creator and we just LOVE seeing the gorgeous outfits he puts together. We tune in to his stories every day to soak up all the love and positivity Reece radiates through them. You can keep up with Reece over on his Instagram @therealreececreed

Venus is an amazing Dublin based content creator with a truly unique style and incredible sense of humour. We love seeing the way Venus experiments with colour and fashion and how he keeps us all laughing with his TikToks. You can find Venus on Instagram (@bbyvenus666) and TikTok (@bbyvenus) to see more. 


We all need a bit more colour and fun in our lives, so show us how you wear your Póg by using the #MyPógMyWay X

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