Colour Your Summer With MC

Here at Melissa Curry Jewellery, we know all about colour. Colour is what draws us to beautiful things. Our mind creates a connection between colour and our current emotion or mood, this is known as colour psychology. When creating our Jewellery, Melissa implements her knowledge of colour psychology into the design of each piece. Have a look at our rainbow guide below to see what colour best suits you:

Yellow symbolizes Happiness for when you feel a little low 

Pink symbolizes Creativity when you feel uninspired

Red symbolizes Strength in times of doubt

Orange symbolizes Energy for when you need a boost

Green symbolizes Growth for times of change

Blue symbolizes Focus to keep on the task at hand 

Purple symbolizes Bravery for when you feel overwhelmed


 With the help from our good friend Terri Cooper (@thestylescoop) we have a great appreciation for the power of colour. Terri is a Colour Analyst and Stylist and embraces her passion for colour through her unique style. Make sure to check out Terri on Instagram for some tips on how to include colour in your wardrobe this summer and for some #feelgoodfashion inspo!

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