WARRIOR Spiral Rings are back in stock! The spiral is the oldest symbol in the world, representing perseverance through the union of the outer and inner self. Designed with curves, the beautiful edge and shape of the ring will keep you moving forward with strength. 

WARRIOR Spiral Ring  WARRIOR Spiral Ring white background

Spiral Warrior Ring 

WARRIOR Pendant. New-stock now available! This magnificent statement piece is long and slender, shaped for your journey ahead. The beautiful pendant is suspended on a 20-inch adjustable silver chain, encouraging flexibility and movement

WARRIOR Pendant Lifestyle Image  WARRIOR Pendant White and Pink 

Warrior Pendant 

We all know a WARRIOR, they come in many forms. My collection has been designed to adapt to every WARRIOR’s journey, big or small. Step out of your comfort zone and be brave with the inner spirit of a WARRIOR. 

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